Discovering Your God-Given Purpose


Discovering Your God-Given Purpose is a spiritual guide designed to help countless individuals find their purpose in God.

God has graced us all with gifts, talents and abilities that we should be using to glorify and edify His Kingdom. Your purpose matters for eternity. Our mission on this earth is to help others; to serve, jus as Jesus did. It's such a  blessing to be used by God! Since we were created with a divine purpose, we must take steps to define and live in that purpose. Knowing your God-given purpose will give your life direction and fulfillment. It will also shape the course of your life. 

The wait is over. Discovering Your God-Given Purpose is so deep and inspiring; I couldn't put the book down! The spiritual book about relationships and marriage makes me see things totally different now! 

The Daily Bookworm


Enlightening to the extreme! Discovering Your God-Given Purpose is a definite page-turner!

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This guide is designed to share encouragement tot he world that life may not be fair but God is always fair!

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