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Lucretia Cargill is a wife, mother of two beautiful daughters who is on a mission to empower, encourage, inspire, and uplift individuals on a daily basis. Native of Selma, Alabama. Lucretia has moved out of her comfort zone to support those who are in need. From learning how to wait for who God had for her, Lucretia is now married to the man of her dreams. Lucretia's course "Finding Your Identity, While Discovering your God-Given Purpose" is designed to help all Christian Women find their true self while discovering their purpose here on earth. 

Lucretia is an 12th Time Self-Published Author/Publisher, Christian Blogger, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host of the "Consult God First Show", & Podcaster. Lucretia is striving to help countless individuals to become the person God created them to be and to take charge of difficult situations they may be facing. Lucretia provides Ghostwriting services and has launched her own Self Publishing Company called, "Consult God First Publishing"  which is designed to help birth the stories and help aspiring authors write and publish into their purpose. Founder of Women's Empowerment Group called "THE DIVINE TRUTH", Lucretia strives to inspire and empower women on a daily basis. 

Growing up, Lucretia has faced many obstacles in her life that has gotten her where she is today. She had to endure many storms, trials, and tribulations in her life to find out that there was a purpose behind her pain. No matter what she faced, with the help of God, she has been able to overcome any situation that has been thrown at her. Lucretia strives for perfection on a daily basis to seize every opportunity to help both men and women overcome any challenges they are facing that may hinder them from prospering in life. 

Lucretia's relationship advice and insight on other topics will guide individuals to start walking in a different direction to get a different result. Lucretia empowers thousands of individuals. Lucretia is compassionate toward her readers and is dedicated and devoted to keeping it REAL in all circumstances!


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