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Meet Lucretia Cargill

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Hello, I am Lucretia

An author, speaker and strong woman of faith committed to Jesus by walking in her calling and purpose that God has on her life. A woman who has found her identity in Christ while discovering her God-given purpose. 

I am devoted to living out God’s Calling and to help you find your identity and God-given purpose.

How God brought me here?

After going through different trials and tribulations, struggles and hardships, grief and loss; God had to strip me away from everything I loved to get me to this point. I finally waved that white flag of surrender to allow God to use me in a "Mighty" way.

After going through so much, I felt compelled to help others especially those women who have  a hard time finding their identity in Christ and discovering their purpose in God. Because for  along time I didn't know who I was nor the purpose God had for my life. 


Finding Your Identity

The Finding Your Identity- While Discovering Your God-given Purpose Course & E-Book is designed to help you discover  your God-given purpose and how God has uniquely purposed you to find your identity. By identifying who you are and whose you are will help you put all the pieces together and the mosaic puzzle of YOU begins to form. You are able to know specifically how God wants to use you and how He can work in you, through you, and for you. 

I am turning my speaking profession into a business and I understand the challenges Christian Women come up against when trying to figure out who they are and what their purpose is in life. You feel burned out, unbalanced, and dare I say, in need of rejuvenation. Being able to connect your Faith, Purpose, & Passion will help you identify the eternal things of Christ and you will no longer fear the future.

God says to LOVE Him with all our Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.

As the Daughter of a King, I know you are in need of something more to help you balance your life, be strong enough for your family, to know your purpose to serve others more and lead your business. Get started by taking my purpose QUIZ and discover your identity and purpose for your life. 

Let's Stay In Touch!!
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Finding Your Identity While Discovering Your God-given Purpose.

There are gifts inside of you that God has graced you with on the inside. Step out of your comfort zone and allow God to use you. Live your PURPOSE!!

What Is Your Life Purpose? 


When finding your identity in Christ, you have to study the Word of God and draw a personal relationship with God in order to find out who you really are as well as  WHOSE you are! Never forget that! 

Finding Your Identity

When you finally realize who you are and WHOSE you are while discovering your purpose, then you will be able to live a happy and content life knowing that you are walking in your purpose. So LIVE, LOVE, & LAUGH!!!

Be Happy & Content 


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