• Lucretia Cargill

Discovering Your God-Given Purpose

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

What is my life purpose you may ask? What were you created on this earth to do? Growing up, I didn't know what my purpose was here on this earth. I found out that in order to discover your purpose, you MUST dig deep into the Word of God. It's TRUE ladies! Have you ever stop to think about what you are good at or have a passion for? (Hint, Hint) I've come to conclusion that people fear criticism. Why do we fear criticism? Even Jesus knew when to ignore the naysayers who tried to prevent Him from accomplishing His purpose. But, He kept going.

Since we was created with a divine purpose, we must take the ordinary steps to walk in that purpose. You were created to do good works. Below are four steps that will help you discover God's unique purpose for your life:

  1. Your Call to be an Image Bearer- We were created to carry or reflect the great and mighty image of God.

  2. Pray for God to Reveal Your Gift Mix- As believers, we all have a general call to be an image bearer of Christ, but individually have a specific call in which to accomplish it. God has equipped you with all that you need to accomplish your purpose.

  3. Identify the Season you are in- The seasons of life are important because your specific purpose may shift depending on the season.

  4. Trust God- God has given you all that you need to fulfill your purpose, now you are called to obey!

It may be nearly impossible to live in your purpose because of the current season you are in. However, obedience is better than sacrifice. Walk in your purpose today!!!!



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