• Lucretia Cargill

Finding Your Identity

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Of course you know your name, your age, your SSN#, etc. But who am I, you may ask? Am I something more? Of course you are! You are the Daughter of a King, The Apple of the Creators Eye, You are Fearfully and wonderfully made. But what do these characteristics mean for you? Well, they mean a lot. Let me explain...…Every day I wake up, I make it a habit to go into my closet in which I call it my "War Room", from the movie. That movie actually gave me clarity and a sense of strength and courage on how God can work in my life and as women how we can stand up for what we believe in.

Growing up, I didn't know who I was but I knew the type of woman I wanted to be. I was so caught up in the world doing my "OWN THING". We all know what comes behind that when we do our own thing, right? I wanted change and I knew that there was something in me but just couldn't figure out the steps I had to take to get there. I needed God's help with this. I started spending alone time with God and that's how I figured out who I was and whose I was. Knowing who you are is one thing but knowing WHOSE you are is another.

Your identity identifies your true self. When you know SELF, you know what you are capable of doing in this world. Most women walk around not knowing who they are. When you start spending time with God, allow Him to help you discover your true self and identity in Him. Sometimes as women, we get so caught with things of the world and worldly living to where we don't know who we are because you start displaying characteristics of who you are not. As women, we are far more precious than jewels. If you study and read Proverbs 31, you will have a better outlook on your true self and who you are.

Love yourself enough to find out your true identity!!!!!!



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